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Year One Demonstration

Polaris’ can now guide a user to an optional conference room. The guidance is similar to how it would lead a traveller from one place in an airport to another.

Polaris can now:

  • Balance while waiting for instructions from a user.
  • Present the user with an interface, from where different POIs (from the MapsIndoors CMS) are found.
  • Pictures, text, and location of each PIO can be seen, and when a POI is chosen, the user can ask to be guided to that POI.
  • The user is then presented with an estimate of the time it will take to go there, and so the journey begins, and the user can follow Polaris to the conference room.
  • During this ‘journey’ the user can stop and start Polaris, and when arriving at the destination, the user is told so.
  • Also a new conference room can be added to the MapsIndoors CMS, and shortly hereafter it will appear on the Polaris interface, where it can be selected as a new destination, and a new journey can begin.
The Polaris Robot

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