Innovation Projects



Artificial Intelligence and robotics have moved up the value chain and are now increasingly being used for commercial purposes in finance, retail and other service organisations.

BrainBotics help organisations understand and master the technology through innovation projects.

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How we work

BrainBotics focus on non-industrial autonomous robotics solutions.

We accelerate development by providing long-term test of innovative technology in dynamic environment which constitutes a number of specific challenges for autonomous technology.

We do development in an iterative process in a real scenarios and continuously validate to do technical adjustments which will enable us to do concept validation, product qualification and improve our value proposition and business models.

Also, we support ecosystem building including scouting, brokerage and awareness about the solutions.

There may be a number of regulatory obstacles to using autonomous technology, which we deal with. We help support regional development and update of autonomous solutions, interoperability and digitalization of products and services in the intersection of IoT, Robotics and AI.

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