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Tests of robot collection completed

As a part of MUDP funded project, we have tested the robot Jellyfishbot in several sites including Karrebæksminde, Køge Marina and Marselisborg Marina in Denmark. The tests show that the robot performs efficient collection of macroalgae. It is primarily eelgrass which has been collected – between 200-400 grams pr. sample.

The design of the robot platform with a net which is pulled behind the robot for the collected biomass is a very efficient design. However, the capacity of the robot is low as the weight of biomass quickly exceeds the capacity of the robot. Already at 300-400 grams of collected biomass, the robot has problems navigating, as the load becomes too heavy and the propulsion is negatively affected. In addition, the robot has difficulty navigating when there are waves. Further work must be done with other types of robot solutions, which have higher capacity and are more robust to typical weather conditions.

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