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Daytrip to Møn

BrainBotics went to Møn (an island located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand) to partner up with other stakeholders working on collection with eelgrass including Møn Tang, Søuld and Coastgrass.

Today, Møn Tang is the only company in Denmark which commercially collect eelgrass.

The are around Møn has historically used aquatic biomass (eelgrass) for various purposes. At the beginning of the last century, about 500 tons of seaweed was collected annually, which was used for insulation, mattresses and even as a tobacco substitute during the war. Seaweed collection stopped partly when a large part of the Danish seaweed was affected by a disease and partly when the material was replaced by man-made fibers and other artificial materials. Today, a couple of farmers are actively harvesting seaweed. There is demand for seaweed roofs on Læsø, and in Germany seaweed is used as insulation material in construction.

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