Tech Talks

We offer tailored analyses and presentations to the private and public sector, as well as inspirational talks and seminars to enlighten you and help your prepare for a future where robots are making a greater impact on our lives.


We combine academic reflection, strategic business insight and excellent communication skills to deliver knowledge that you can readily apply to your organisation.


You’ve probably already experienced how robots are changing your organisation, but are unsure as to how great an impact it will have on your organisation, how fast changes will occur, and how you can mitigate the imminent challenges and opportunities.

Our insights help you face the future and to sustain your organisation in the years to come. Some of the questions we offer answers to are:


– How fast and disruptive is the rise of Robots and Artificial Intelligence going to be?

– What tasks are Robots good at and what do they struggle at?

– What kind of tasks and jobs are going to be affected the most in my organisation?

– How does my organisation best take advantage of the new opportunities to sustain itself in the future?


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