A trip into the future with Pepper

Friday the 9th of December, the Danish high school Alssundgymnasiet took a trip into the future. The regular schedule was cleared and replaced by workshops and lectures on artificial intelligence and robotics.

The day was kicked off by Søren Tranberg Hansen from BrainBotics accompanied by the social robot Pepper. The dean Per Møller explained the reason for turning the regular school day upside down:

“At AGS we love to connect the school with current events in the real world, so our students get a feel for that knowledge is not only something that other people have made and written down in books. We should preferably reflect and be part of the development that takes place in society – and artificial intelligence is something we all need to address. ”

Scary scenarios is perhaps something that most prefer a little smile of. But perhaps the real future is not as cool as our gadgets and as exciting as a Hollywood film. According to a report from Oxford University, The Future of Employment, the super intelligent machines over the years to replace up to 50 percent of the current knowledge-based workforce.



Photo by Anders Frejbæk, Alssundgymnasiet